We are excited to participate in a new form of capitalism—where the metric of success is not ROI, but IPC: Impact Per Capita. IPC measures the positive environmental and social impact each of us is making in the world through our work at Green River. Our goal is to have the highest IPC of any company.

Looking for more than a job?

  • Michael Knapp

    Michael Knapp

    CEO, Partner

  • Derrish

    Derrish Repchick

    COO, Partner

  • Jackie Billings

    Jackie Billings

    Dir. Finance

  • Ian

    Ian Kozak

    Dir. Strategic Development, Partner

  • Erin Van Ness

    Erin Van Ness

    Dir. Project Management, Partner

  • Elliot

    Elliot Anders

    Software Engineer

  • Joel Berman

    Joel Berman

    Support Specialist

  • Todd

    Todd Blackman

    Software Engineer

  • Lucas Braun

    Lucas Braun

    Software Engineer

  • Megan 2

    Megan Eborn

    Software Engineer

  • Aaron Frary

    Aaron Frary

    Software Engineer

  • Aaron Gerber

    Aaron Gerber

    Software Engineer

  • Jonathan Goley

    Jonathan Goley

    Interface Designer, Software Engineer

  • Shelley Green

    Shelley Green

    Human Resources Manager

  • David

    David Houghton

    Software Engineer

  • Jane Kramer

    Jane Kramer

    Technical Project Manager

  • Salina Michael

    Salina Michael

    Technical Project Manager

  • Matt Muspratt

    Matt Muspratt

    Data and Science Writer

  • Ash Otocki

    Ash Otocki

    UX and Interface Designer

  • Zach Park

    Zach Parks

    Software Engineer

  • Sarah Ryder

    Sarah Ryder

    Technical Project Manager

  • Kyle Schwartz

    Kyle Schwartz

    Software Engineer

  • Guillaume Sparrow-Pepin

    Guillaume Sparrow-Pepin

    Software Engineer

  • Theron

    Theron Toomey

    Software Engineer

  • Kevin WIliarty

    Kevin Wiliarty

    Software Engineer

  • Sandy Wise

    Sandy Wise

    Software Engineer