Ian Kozak

Project Launches

Yikes, a year since the last post! We have been busy….

Two projects we've been working on officially launched recently. Each is very different from the other, but both are grounded in taking expansive datasets and analyses set against geography to...

Michael Knapp

Ecological Management of "Sheppie’s Meadow"

Sheppie the Dog with his legs replacement

Sheppie enjoying a walk in the meadow

When I moved to Green River, Vermont, in 1994, my house overlooked 48 acres of conserved river bottom. I dreamt of spending all my time working the land to grow the food my family and I needed and to create...

Ian Kozak

A New Project Manager

Green River has always been about engineering. We are software developers who develop software, and if you looked through our 'Team' page at any time in history, including today, you'd see the vast majority of our staff are software engineers.


Ian Kozak


Green River is fairly unique in the tech industry for having very low staff turn over. Engineers have been here 5, 10, even 15 years, providing continuity on evolving projects running just as long. And though we've never had plans to grow...