Launch: EasyBib add-on for Google Docs

Select “Add-ons” in the Google Doc menu and you'll see software Green River wrote. The EasyBib Add-on allows users to create and manage a bibliography in their Google document automatically. All you have to do is start typing the name of a book, article, or website to add a citations.

Imagine Easy Solutions was selected by Google as a launch partner for Add-ons, which was rolled out to Google Doc users last week. The tool we built with them, EasyBib, is currently the most-installed of the available Google Doc Add-ons. Congratulations to Imagine Easy for this distinction!

Add-on in action

Imagine Easy needed this software built quickly. With Cambridge-office-based Heath Ritchie taking the lead, Green River was able to turn it around fast. We’ve worked with Imagine Easy since 2011, and have developed a close collaboration. The software's written in Google Apps Script, a Javascript-based environment for application development in the Google Apps platform. Green River continues to deepen our familiarity and skill in this increasingly popular specialty. We anticipate strong continuing growth in the variety and popularity of Google Apps and associated Add-ons.

Imagine Easy Solutions is a smart, creative software company based in New York City and Berlin that serves tens of millions of people around the world in the areas of education and research. Their products include bibliographic and note-taking tools, instructional courseware, and media platforms for reaching students with brand information and advertising. EasyBib reaches 85% of US college students, and is used by 40 million people worldwide.

The EasyBib Google Add-on fits in with Imagine Easy’s belief in seamless online productivity. Google users now move hundreds or thousands of times a day among all the apps that Google offers - calendars, maps, cloud docs, translation tools, news, Gmail, and more. We're thrilled to have helped bring EasyBib into this ecosystem.